Salzkammergut Trophy on July 13, 2019

Start Time Course4 Altitude Diff.
Finish Entry Fee max number of participants
05.00 am A - 210,2 km 7119 m 09.00 pm € 85,- / € 90,-5 / € 95,-6 900 competitors
09.00 am 3 B - 119,5 km 3848 m 09.00 pm € 65,- / € 70,-5 / € 75,-6 1.300 competitors
10.15 am 1 C - 74,0 km 2446 m 07.00 pm € 60,- / € 65,-5 / € 70,-6 800 competitors
01.00 pm 2 D - 55,0 km7 1820 m 07.00 pm € 50,- / € 55,-5 / € 60,-6 400 competitors
11.00 am 3 E - 53,5 km 1543 m 06.00 pm € 45,- / € 50,-5 / € 55,-6 1.300 competitors
11.50 am F - 37,9 km 1114 m 04.30 pm € 35,- / € 40,-5 / € 45,-6 600 competitors
12.15 pm G - 22,1 km 688 m 04.00 pm € 30,- / € 35,-5 / € 40,-6 400 competitors

1 Start in Obertraun (free special train to the start - departure 7.19, 8.33 respectively 9.13 am from Bad Goisern)

Start in Bad Ischl (Free specially chartered train to the start - departure 10.43 am and 11.22 am from Bad Goisern)
Finish in Bad Goisern. All other courses start at the market place in Bad Goisern.

3 For the B- and E-courses there will be 3 starting blocks whicht start 5 mins apart. Please note your starting grid and block as well as time allowance according to the regulations!

4 The chosen course is binding. Any changes only upon availability of starting slots and for an additional re-registration fee of 10 Euro.

5 Entry fee: payment after March 1st
6 Entry fee: payment after May 1st

7 All-mountain-course

VKB Bank

Banking details:
VKB Bank Bad Ischl
IBAN: AT11 1860 0001 1302 2900

Account Holder:
Mountainbike Club Salzkammergut, Obere Marktstraße 1, A-4822 Bad Goisern

Reason for payment:
The names of all participants, date of birth as well as participant’s ID. The total amount must be transferred within three days to our account. 

Race number distribution:
Friday between 1.30 pm and 8.30 pm for all distances at the Volksschule in Bad Goisern.
For the courses B, E, F, G: on Saturday from 7 am and up to one hour before the start of each race at the Volksschule. For the course C between 8 am und 9.45 am in the pavilion in Obertraun and course D between 11 am und 12 pm at the Trinkhalle Bad Ischl.

Attention! Every participant has to peronally collect his starting package!; participants of course A have to do additionally a Bike-Check beforehand.

Registration Deadline:
Every participant who registers and pays the entry fee before June 28 receives a personalized starting number. In case of availability it is possibile to make a late entry one hour before the event.
For your payment status please check
Registrations after June 28 are disregarded in the starting grid!

Friday from 3 pm until 9 pm in the Festsaal.

Bikers' Briefing:
Friday at 7.00 pm presentation and biker briefing in the festival pavilion.

Attention Time Limits!

Course A:
8.30 am bridge "Goiserer Brücke" (point AP4 at kilometer 36)
12.00 am Rettenbach (point AP6 at kilometer 79)
2.45 pm Chorinskyklause - junction Knallstraße (point P at kilometer 116)
5.15 pm Hallstatt "Waldbachstrub" (kilometer 152)
7.15 pm Junction forest road RH Schäferalm (point AP8 at kilometer 175)

Course B:
1.00 pm bridge "Goiserer Brücke" (point AP4 at kilometer 36)
3.30 pm Hallstatt "Waldbachstrub" (kilometer 62)
6.30 pm Junction forest road RH Schäferalm (point AP8 at kilometer 84)

Course D:
3.30 pm Rettenbach (point AP6 at kilometer 25)
5.30 pm Berghotel Predigstuhl (point AP1 at Kilometer 41)

Course F:
2.45 pm Chorinskyklause - crossing Knallstraße (point P at kilometer 23)

Course G:
2.45 pm Chorinskyklause - crossing Knallstraße (point P at kilometer 9)

AP9 Gosau Vordertal - Sports Center: Shuttleservice to the finish!

Collecting the Trophy participant T-Shirts
Saturday from 1 pm until 10 pm and on Sunday bewtenn 10 am and 3.30 pm in the Volksschule. The voucher for the T-Shirt is on the race number. Please detach before the race, so it won’t get lost. No voucher no t-shirt!

Lockers / Showers / Massage service
Changing rooms and showers for women are available at the “Neuen Mittelschule" (HS1) (high school) and for men special showers facilities right in front, in case of good weather the public pool is also accessible for free until 07:00 pm. After showering 15 masseurs and three sports therapists from the Trophy Massage team are available from 2 pm until 10 pm for relaxing and recuperating in the "Neue Mittelschule".

Clothing Transport and Wardrobe - Service
There is a wardrobe-service at the distribution of starting numbers in Bad Goisern. A mini van by Taxi 4242 will be available an hour before start in Obertraun and Bad Ischl, which takes any clothing or backpacks to the Lost & Found desk in the Volksschule in Bad Goisern. It is also possible to leave extra clothing at all refreshment stops.

opening times: Saturday 4.30 am until 10 pm; Sunday 8 am until 3.30 pm

Winners' Ceremonies:
 The three winners of each Age Group are awarded with the grand „Dachstein Trophy", a 80 million old fossil (Actaeonella) from the  Cretaceous period. Awards will be also presented to the fastest teams, tandems, fatbikes, gravelbikes, firefighters and unicyclists.
We kindly ask all winners to wear long pants as well as a clean bike jersey on stage.

For more information, please see our program!

Information and accommodation:
Dachstein Salzkammergut Tourist Board
A-4822 Bad Goisern am Hallstättersee, Kirchengasse 4
phone +43 (0)5/95095
e-mail: Information for registration:MTB Club Salzkammergut
Obere Marktstraße 1, A-4822 Bad Goisern am Hallstättersee
Tel.: +43 (0)660/4455037 (Montag bis Freitag 14 - 19 Uhr)

Information provided by this website is subject to change by the organizers! All changes will be updated on our homepage and if necessary announced at the bikers´ meeting. The organizer has the right to refuse participation in the Salzkammergut Trophy without giving reasons!